Reiki Dublin, Self-Healing, Relaxation. Bye to stress symptoms.

You have the Power to Heal and Empower with Reiki.  Live Life without Stress. Be more Relaxed, Peaceful & Successful.  Clear your mind and  lighten your body with Reiki.  

There are no Reiki Courses scheduled. Please enjoy my website for Reiki information.

If you would like to work with me please visit my Meditation Website where you can get a great selection of Pure Light Activation Meditations.

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Hi, There are no Reiki Courses scheduled.

Enjoy my VLogs on this website

Enjoy my VLogs on my Pure Light Activations website

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Live your Best Life by using Pure Light Activations every day. You can purchase Downloads and CDs on Pure Light Activations Meditations

  Have a Bright future now! Deeply Relaxing and Calming.   Live your Life with Lightness, Freedom & Peace of Mind.

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  • Reiki Level 1 is all about self- healing for you and your family.
  • Do you want a simple relaxing de-stress technique for you and your family?
  • Do you want to be able to generate more energy?
  • Be able to direct energy to where you need it?
  • Do you want to have a Clear Mind?
  • Think Differently & Feel Lighter?
  • Connect with your Inner Strength & Heart for Direction & Guidance?
  • Reiki is a very Powerful energy that can Enhance your Life.
  • Treat yourself to a two day Reiki Course.

Take the Step today! Reiki… Release, Relax, Refresh, Be Bright!


  • SEICHEM LEVEL 1.2 & MASTER TEACHER COURSE: Sat 5th Sun 6th November 2016
  • SAKARA LEVEL 2 & 3:


Expansion of Happiness is the purpose of creation and we are all here to enjoy and radiate great happiness everywhere.

Your next step.

Know More About Patricia

Reiki Courses IrelandPatricia has delivered her Reiki Courses, Seichem Courses, Sakara Courses, Meditation Courses and Talks to thousands of people. She has twenty five years training experience. She adds a whole new dimension to her courses with her chemist background. You will get an understanding of the science of Reiki in a simple understandable way in all her courses.

People have said “This is so amazing. How come I didn’t know about this before?” When you begin to understand the basic biology of your body you will see how Reiki can make such a difference to your life. This allows you open up even more to why Reiki is a super self healing technique to use. Patricia has helped thousands achieve peace of mind, better health and to be more aligned with Read More…

  • Do you know you can rebalance your energy and restore optimum energy flow, when your body is alerting you?
  • Imagine knowing how to use your energy to be more effective, happier and at peace in life?
  • You know how to naturally look after your Digestive System. You eat healthy foods and you feel good. You eat unhealthy foods you don’t feel so good.
  • Read More…
You don’t know anything about energy, but you need to try something new.
Nothing else has worked?

Reiki is a little like brushing your teeth as a child. You see no reason for it. You do it every day and then one day you realise, now I know what it is about. Read More…

A simple understanding of these concepts is brought through these Reiki and Seichem Courses. You don’t need to understand these principles to practice Reiki, however if you have a logical mind you will get a deep understanding of the science and biology behind.Read More…
Dream, Believe and Do. Shift your energy and have access to more Love, Freedom, Joy and Power. Realise your own innate ability to generate energy within and how to direct energy to have a vibrant body and light mind and to have a life of joy. Reiki is a wonderful tool for a healthy body and healthy mind. “Be The Best YOU.” The future is yours. Start today, Just one step makes all the difference!
“I liked the way everything flowed so easily, no rushing or interruptions and the surroundings were perfect. I would recommend the workshop as I found it very relaxing and enjoyable. It opened my eyes to some negative thinking habits I have developed. Thanks a mil!”View More Testimonials