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Reiki-Better Relationships Video Blog

Relationships is one area in our lives that either give us energy or drain our energy. Have a look at how Reiki can help with Better Relationships. Use Distant Healing for Better Relationships. Use Reiki for Children and Family Relationships. Use Reiki for Soul & Spiritual Relationships.

Reiki Level 2. One of the best things you can learn is Distant Healing.

Reiki Level 2 One of the best things you can ever learn is distant healing. You can send healing to your past. You can heal the source of habits that you have been reliving today. When you send Reiki healing to your childhood patterns and [...]

Activate Your Higher Chakras-Power& Love of the Higher Dimensions

Activate Your Higher Chakras Live from the Power and Love of the Higher Dimensions A Day for Powerful Clearing Energies and Activating Your Chakras 9-15.   Enjoy a New Start to 2015 Live Life to the Full with Grace & Ease! Go Higher & Life [...]

Reiki- Do You Want to Generate Energy for the Life You Want?

 Reiki- A simple relaxing way to generate energy  Reiki is a Simple way to generate energy, to have a relaxed, peaceful & successful Life.  Discover how you can activate your own powerful, gentle energy within. Feel Deep Relaxation, like you have never felt before.  And [...]

Reiki Master Teacher. Increase your Energy. Attune your family & friends to Reiki

Do you want to raise your vibration and have the full potential of the Reiki ray? Reiki Master Teacher Course. What would it be like to have a higher frequency and accelerate your energy field? • Imagine having the potential to always have the [...]

One Step Forward Towards your Dream

“Open Up To Your Dream” Today I’m taking a new step forward. I know with all my heart it is the most perfect step for me, my family and all those around me. So why the fear? I have just …

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