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Hi Everybody! This is Patricia Sheehan and you are very welcome to your Reiki VBlog.

Chakra Healing & Chakra Balancing

This week we are going to talk about the importance of tuning in everyday to your Charkras and your body and attuning to Reiki to rebalance your Chakras and let your energy flow. A good practice for Chakra Healing and Chakra Balancing.

We all have a Bio magnetic field. Your bio magnetic field is the electrical output from your nervous system and from the cells in your body. And when this is in a certain range, we are healthy and happy.

We have seven main Chakras and these chakras influence the bio magnetic field.

  •  So let’s go through the chakras and look at what each chakra regulates.
  •  We start with the root chakra and it’s at the base of your spine.
  • Each chakra corresponds to an organ in the area and a gland and a thought and the color.

The root chakra governs the spine.  It also correlates to the adrenal glands and  the thought of the root chakra is  “thought of survival”. So your feelings of whether I’ll be ok with this situation, whether it will be safe or whether I will be supported are connected to the root. Sometimes people can have back and spinal  issues if they have thoughts around survival. Red is the color for the root area.

Just to say about the colors, each color has a frequency if you look at color under an ultraviolet spectrum the red is down at lower end and has a longer wavelength, which gives it a lower frequency. The violet at the top with a higher frequency.

Each color has a different frequency and the color resonates with a different part of the body. Sometimes it’s actually good to wear the color that you would like to bring more of that energy or chakra  into your body.

Now moving on to the Sacral, which is the second chakra. At the sacral, we have the ovaries, the womb and Sacral also governs the testes and the prostate. The Sacral is for creativity and also connected to relationship.

If you have those times where you feel your relationships are out of balance or there is a relationship that’s unresolved, sometimes people can experience imbalances in these organs. They can experience PMS or endometriosis or menopausal issues. The colour of this chakra is orange.

Now we’ll move on to the Solar Plexus in your stomach area. Your emotions are stored here. If there’s a sense of stress or powerlessness you can store unwanted energy and thoughts in the Solar Plexus. Also Joy is  in this area. The color of this area is yellow. The pancreas is the gland here which produces insulin, which regulates sugar balancing in your body.

Then in the heart area you have the heart organ and the gland here is the thymus. The thymus produces white blood cells, really good for your immune system. The thought around the heart can be Love, Balance, Harmony and the opposite to that can be Grief or Loss or Sadness.

There was one student who came for Reiki and she had been nursing her friend for a year and her friend then died. After that this lady really felt run down and went to the doctor. She was 45 years old and she was diagnosed with asthma. She never had asthma before. Grief or loss can cause restriction in the breath and lungs. She decided to try some Reiki. Grief or sadness can reside in the lung area and if you attune to Reiki to release the subconscious and the conscious thoughts around sadness, loss or grief, then the lungs can expand again. The body can be re-connected, ie reconnect the organs, the glands and the thoughts.

Now we will move on to the throat chakra. Here we have the thyroid gland. Thyroid produces calcium and also regulate metabolism and also you have self expression in the throat area. Blue is the color of the throat area.

Move on to the third eye. We have the pineal gland here and the pineal gland regulates serotonin. Serotonin is the happy hormone and the thought in this area is trust or distrust.  Sometimes when people are not trusting, that can be due to past experiences. They may over think, they’re always thinking, their head is full. They may have migraines, they may have sinuses. The color here is indigo, which is a deep blue purple.

Now move on to the crown chakra. You have the pituitary gland here. The pituitary gland is the master gland. The thought for the crown is connecting to your higher self and letting that higher self work through you.

That’s all the seven main chakras. It is really important every day to tune in, to tune in to see what is going on in each chakra. When you tune in, you really have the choice to attune to Reiki, to refresh and release anything from the body. Your subconscious is running the show, unless you tune in and address the thoughts that disempower you.

Life is life!

We go to work, we may get stressed and sometimes that can’t be avoided.

However what you can do is, you can de-stress your body on a regular basis so that it does not accumulate wound up energy and thoughts.

I’ve seen a lot of people where they have accumulated different forms of stress through lots of overthinking and as a result they have physical conditions.

 While you are healthy, have a practice to release wound up energy and thoughts from your body, so you can maintain your chakras and balance them every day.

As much as I talk here, this does not do it. It’s actually attuning into your energy and thoughts with Reiki that helps you release energy & thoughts and rebalances your body. This is a good practice for Chakra Healing and Chakra Balancing.

If you have any questions please email me anything and I will include them in future VBlogs.  If you have any comments on my VBlogs, I’d love your feedback. There’s a place just below the screen here where you can fill in any comments about the VBlogs. Let me know what you like or what you got out of them.

 De-stress your body every day.

Rebalance your Chakras and experience Chakra Healing.

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Have a Happy, Healthy, Bright, Energetic week!