Healing Curve Reiki VLog

Hi Everyone You are very welcome to my Vlog. I am delighted to be here.

This week I am going to talk about Reiki and the healing curve. I received a question and it’s about somebody who had received Reiki and then had a headache after it. They hadn’t got one before and were wondering why and would it go.

So I just want to explain the model. What is the model of healing? The best way to explain it is to compare to traditional medicine. So the model of healing in traditional medicine is to diagnose disease and they’re really good at diagnosing diseases. In diagnosing diseases they look at the symptoms of that disease. Then provide medication or a course of action to help the symptoms of that disease.

The model of healing with Reiki is to go to the source of the dis-ease. If somebody has a condition, the energy work towards why the condition started in the first place and brings the body back to the state of balance before the disease started.

Reiki is always going back to the reason why it started. Reasons can be very different depending on conditions.  Whether somebody has asthma or somebody has migraine or sinuses or some severe conditions like cancer or irritable bowel or meningitis. The reasons can be quite different. Generally, there is a pattern or a stress that the body has gone into just before the condition starts. The stress can be different depending on condition.

We will look at the question that was asked about headaches. So the head is all about thinking. Our thoughts and our experiences of life. When people are under stress they may have headaches. This person hadn’t got a headache, however they may have had stressful thoughts. So this is what we call the healing curve, where there is extra energy experienced in the body and it brings anything to the surface.

It’s not that Reiki created the headache, but underlying there might have been a stress situation that needs to be brought up to be released. If Reiki is continued, these experiences may actually be depleted all together, where people who have migraine may not have them anymore.

It depends on how long the condition is in the body will depend on how long it takes to leave. Somebody who just has a headache today and they receive a half an hour of Reiki, it’s likely that that headache will go. If somebody has migraine for ten years it won’t go in a short space of time. It’s going to take a certain amount of time to actually be released from the body.

That’s because there are thoughts and emotions and experiences tied up in each condition. In the Advanced Reiki Level you learn a lot about the energetic maps. That is more of what I brought in to Reiki, it’s not pure Advanced Reiki Level with every Reiki Teacher.

Because of my background and the other work I’ve done, I would look at the maps of different conditions and how they are mapped throughout the body and where these thoughts, emotions and feelings are connected with each condition.

So the answer is yes it’s likely that the headache will go. The time frame depends on how long it has been in the body. It is really important that if people are going through the healing curve, where you have that extra energy that you look after yourself. You go to your doctor when you need to. You drink plenty of water. You really look after yourself and continue doing Reiki to support the symptoms to leave the body altogether.

Have a Happy, Healthy, Energetic and Bright week.