It all depends on what you want from life?

  • If you are happy with everything in your life, then Reiki may not be for you.
  • Do you feel there is something more to life?
  • You have a yearning to connect to a deeper wiser part of yourself.
  • You know there has to be another way.
  • Do you keep acting one way and you really want to stop and move on?
  • Do you know about your energy and how it impacts your life and you want to use it wisely.

You don’t know anything about energy, but you need to try something new.

Nothing else has worked?

Reiki is a little like brushing your teeth as a child. You see no reason for it. You do it every day and then one day you realise, now I know what it is about.

And guess what the great news is! You don’t need to brush all of your teeth! Just the ones you want to keep!

Reiki is an unseen energy that is flowing through you all the time. If you don’t know about it, you can’t really use it. So find out what is available to you. Find out about

Reiki. Inform yourself. Read on….

Do you know when you suddenly discover a new program or item on your new mobile and you are amazed at the things you can do and how you can connect in so many different ways.

There is a whole new world waiting for you to see when you open up to Reiki.