Pure Light Activation CDs will activate and recalibrate your energy field to higher levels of consciousness and higher vibrational frequencies that bring Inspiration and Inspired Action with Ease.

If you want to align with your higher self in the comfort of your home, the journey on these guided meditations will bring you to a place of lightness, happiness and joy, while connecting to your higher source for guidance and direction.

What people say

It is a beautiful CD, Magnificent. Congratulations on the wonderful Light & Blessing of the work that your spirit reflects so well. I am looking forward to my next choice of CD in the New year.

Just wanted to say a big thank you for your support and light. I am very grateful to have you in my life and in case you don’t always hear it you are a true light being. And through you wonderful meditation evenings I find great strength.

I’m loving the Crystal Activation CD, from the first listen I felt my energies shift into a higher vibration.

I am just so delighted that I came across these CDs. I have started with the first three CDs. Since I have listened to them, my mind is much clearer. I am more in tune with my inner guidance and find that I am making life choices easily

  • Golden Light Guided Meditation CD
  • Pure Light Activations™ Guided Meditation 9 CD Series

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Golden Light Meditation CD

Feel deeply relaxed, uplifted, energised and refreshed! This guided self healing meditation will help you deeply relax, clear your mind and help release tension in you body.

Reiki was used during the recording of this CD, which makes this CD deeply healing for your body, mind and emotions. The Meditation is recorded over music, which is composed at Alpha Brain Wave frequency, which brings your mind into a very relaxed level for deep inner healing.

When you are deeply relaxed, your body’s immune system is boosted and your mind will become clearer and more focused.

With regular use, this unique meditation will enable you to live a healthier more relaxed yet focussed life.

Start a new Chapter in your Life To-day!

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Pure Light Activations™ Meditation CDs

Created by Patricia Sheehan

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Pure Light Activation CDs 1 to 3 Activate and deepen your connections to Source Light, your Purpose and Desires. Connect with your Purpose. Clarify Your Desires and Enhance your Goals with Joy, Creation and Light.


Pure Light Activation CDs 4 to 6 Activate Your Heart, Your Higher Chakras and Your Soul Essence to work with magic, mystery and your Divine qualities.


Pure Light Activation CDs 7 to 9 Awaken your Higher Consciousness to Unlimited Potential of Source Light, as a Multidimensional Being. Live a Light Activated and Expanded Life.


Golden Light Meditation CD. Physical, Mental, Emotional Healing and Empowerment Meditation. Track 1 Physical Healing. Track 2 Emotional & Mental Healing