Be Free, Be Joy, Be Light, Fly High!


  • Connect and activate your source light and you can live a life of freedom, lightness, success and joy!
  • Realise your potential with these Guided Meditations.
  • Free your Spirit and live joyously in your Heart.
  • Release the limitations of your past and you can safely live in your heart.
  • What would it be like to feel lighter and more peaceful?
  • What if you can live your dreams just from being still and allowing yourself connect to your own inner source?
  • Would you like to be able to connect deeply with your inner guidance and higher consciousness for direction and clarity and trust?

Imagine if you knew that…

  • Deep within you, you have all you need. You have your answers. You can experience deep love for yourself and others and really know who you are.
  • Imagine you can naturally achieve greater health, happiness and success.
  • Imagine if you knew how to access your true great self.?

Are you ready to live from a place where you create what you want from your clear energy field and higher consciousness?

Use Pure Light Activations Guided Meditations daily to create the life you want with ease.

“Be Free, Be Joy, Be Light, Fly High”

Pure Light Activations™ Meditation 9 CD series by Patricia Sheehan and Golden Light Meditation CD
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