Golden Light Meditation CD

Feel deeply relaxed, uplifted, energised and refreshed! This guided self healing meditation will help you deeply relax, clear your mind and help release tension in you body.

Reiki was used during the recording of this CD, which makes this CD deeply healing for your body, mind and emotions. The Meditation is recorded over music, which is composed at Alpha Brain Wave frequency, which brings your mind into a very relaxed level for deep inner healing.

When you are deeply relaxed, your body’s immune system is boosted and your mind will become clearer and more focused.

With regular use, this unique meditation will enable you to live a healthier more relaxed yet focussed life.

Start a new Chapter in your Life To-day!

Golden Light Meditation CD. Physical, Mental, Emotional Healing and Empowerment Meditation. Track 1 Physical Healing. Track 2 Emotional & Mental Healing


Play Sample Golden Light Meditation

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