• Do you want to have a new career?
  • A career that makes a real difference to people’s lives?
  • Do you want a part-time career in something that you love?
  • Do you want to bring Reiki into your existing job to support people have happier, healthy lives?
  • Are you a Teacher and would like to integrate into your classroom to help relaxation.
  • Are you a Nurse and would like to offer as part of your existing job?
  • Are you currently in complementary health care and you would like to expand your business and care for your clients?
  • Are you thinking of changing and don’t know what to do next?

Reiki is a wonderful technique for your own self-care and you can expand yourself by giving Reiki to others or Teaching Reiki.

Become a Professional Reiki Practitioner

The following levels are required. These three levels can be completed over a six month period. Some people may do them quicker.

Reiki Level 1 Training Learn Reiki for Self-Healing for you and your family Attune to Level 1. Increase Energy. Energise your Chakras. Mental & Emotional Healing. Self-positions & more. Read more
Reiki Level 2 Training Increase your Energy. Reiki Empowerment Symbols to accelerate your ability to heal and rebalance and energise your body, mind and spirit. Attune to Level 2. Learn Distant Healing. Mind Body connections & 9 main areas where emotions are stored in the body. Clearing & Deprograming techniques. Inner Child work. Deepen your energy. Read more
Reiki Practitioner & Advanced Energy Healing Training Increase your Energy. A greater understanding of energy healing. How specific attitudes and belief systems can be reflected in your Physical health. You will review the Diary of your life, with a view to creating new belief patterns. Attune to Advanced Level. You will learn about Body Psychology and the chakra system & energy system, so that you can integrate this knowledge into your healing and healing for others. All professional requirements to become a Reiki Practitioner. Read more.

Become a Professional Reiki Master Teacher

Complete the 3 Levels for Reiki Practitioner and the following level.

REIKI MASTER TEACHER LEVEL 3 TRAINING Increase your Energy. Receive Master Symbol& Deep healing symbol. Connect at a deeper level with your spiritual growth Master self-awareness, knowledge & understanding of Reiki.Learn to attune to all levels of Reiki. Sample agendas for all Reiki Levels and how to teach This course gives your great confidence in your ability to live and communicate Reiki Attune to Master Level. Learn to attune to all Levels. When you have the ability to carry the energy of attunements, your energy becomes a much clearer vibrant bright channel. Professional requirements to teach Reiki. Improve your communication skills and be able to powerfully express what Reiki can do for you and those around you. Read more

All my courses are in line with Reiki Federation Ireland (RFI) Professional requirements. You can become a Professional RFI member and be included on the RFI’s registered List of Practitioners and Teachers upon completion.

Glo Health Insurance benefits’ covers Reiki for clients from Professional Practitioners.

Start today just for yourself!

And you may be opening the door to a new career!
When you are doing something you love, it is not work.

Love what you do.