Reiki Attunements

Hi Everybody! This is Patricia Sheehan and welcome to your Reiki blog.

This week I received a question –  Why is Reiki taught in a number of different levels?

Reiki is all about Connection and about Communication with your body.  So Health is all about Connection, Reconnection and Communication.

Now to go through the different levels.

Reiki level 1, you are attuned to this new level of vibration and it awakens you up to reconnect with the physical layer in your energy field of your body.

So basically you learn that everything in the physical body has started in the mind and you awaken to that. You reconnect to the physical body to get wisdom from your physical body.

Moving on to Reiki Level 2, the attunement in Reiki Level 2 is more to do with the emotional layer of your energy field.

We have different layers in the energy field. We have the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual so it moves out through your magnetic field. In Reiki level two you get reconnected with emotions that may have been dormant in the body and the important thing about Reiki is you don’t reprocess these emotions.

You just actually observe these emotions and in the observation they can be released and dissolved.

So with each level you practice to use the energy to reconnect. Reiki is a practice based therapy, it’s not a knowledge-based therapy. A lot of the stuff we do in life, we do after we have learned something. For most other areas knowledge demonstrates we have ability.

With Reiki, it’s the practice that gives you ability not the knowledge of how it works.

In Level 2, you reconnect, you observe, and the body starts to dissolve these emotional ties.

In the Advanced Level you connect very much with the mental patterns that may be in your own energy field but also the mental patterns that can be in your family that you have been repeating. You get awareness and reconnect the part that you like and let some of the other ones go. Also we have social consciousness that can affect our way of being. So in the advanced level, you reconnect with the part of yourself that is yourself and you let go of some of those patterns that may be in the family line or in the social consciousness that you’re living in.

Then moving on to the master level that is where you reconnect with the master within you, you reconnect with your spiritual energy. You reconnect to your great self. So it’s very much as you get this higher view of life and you reconnect that higher aspect of yourself that has always been there.

You energetically grow into each level.and that’s why they’re taught in different levels.

Another question I received was –

What is the difference between Reiki and some of the other alternative therapies maybe like acupuncture or reflexology?

All of the therapies generally work at releasing energy in the body. Well, the key differences between Reiki and Reflexology – with Reflexology you learn about anatomy and physiology and then learn the points to put your finger to release the energy. So it’s with your knowledge you release the energy and you put your finger to release energy.

With Acupuncture you put a needle into release the ki. Ki is energy.

With Reiki you activate your own energy with your own essence by reconnecting to that larger part within yourself. So with Reiki it is universal life force energy. It’s the universal part within yourself, your great self that is activated, that releases the ki energy in your body.

Reiki is totally within yourself. You are regenerating ki and it works deeply through your thoughts, your emotions, your feelings, your family history, your social history.

Don’t be the Family/Blood Line Be your Divine line. Reconnect with your true self.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s video blog

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