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Hi Everyone! It’s Patricia Sheehan and you’re very welcome to my Reiki blog.

So this week, we are going to talk about Reiki and Better Relationships.

I received an email and the question is:
“I was hoping you could give me some advice on this family disagreement which happened over two and a half years ago between myself and my sister.
What is the best solution and how can we move forward and how can I stay in a happy place?”

Now, this is a really good question.

Relationship is one thing in our lives that either give us energy or drain our energy.

So let’s look at what we say about relationships that don’t work. First of all, we say things like, “If they did this, I would have peace,” or “If they didn’t do this, I would be happy,” or “If they were more respectful, I could just get on with my own life.”

Now with all of those thoughts, we lose our power to somebody else.

I want you to listen really carefully.

This is the key to all relationships. “Any unresolved thoughts or feelings around previous life experiences, we project onto others, until we actually switch that thought or emotion off.

I’m going to give you a practical exercise how to create better relationships.
First of all,
1. Go to a quiet space. Do this in a quiet space.
2. Then you need to get yourself into a relaxed state. If you’ve learned the practice of Reiki, do a half an hour of Reiki on yourself to get into that deep relax state. If you haven’t got Reiki, meditate or do some breath work or sit in the garden, listen to the music. So just get in to a relaxed state. When you are in your relaxed state you can tap more into the subconscious, in order to find out what thoughts you are running and where you’re losing energy in your body.
3. Once you are in the relaxed state, I want you to write and write the story of that relationship. Now, you write all your feelings, all your thoughts about that. Be as honest as you can be. This is not for sharing. So just write down everything. Just to get all your thoughts down on paper.
4. Get another piece of paper. Divide it into a three columns. In the first column, write your “Key Thoughts”.

So from this person’s question she wrote a lot down about the relationship. And that is really good to get it down on paper.

The key things that she said at the end is: “I’m hurt, I’m sad, angry and upset.” So write in the column your key thoughts that you have about the relationship.

5. The next column you head it “To Neutralize”. So I want you to neutralize that thought. The way to neutralize it, is to start considering the other person.

You haven’t walked their shoes.
You don’t know what is going on for them in their life.
So start to write different things down like:
Maybe this is going on for them or that’s going on for them.
Just write different opinions about their possible situation.

This is to weaken your hold on that they are the cause of your anger or upset or sadness. So once you have written that in the neutralized column go to the next column.

6. In the next column write “Thought and Believe” as the header. Now write the same thought that you put in the first column again. But this time, you write it as “I have this,” “I have anger,” “I have sadness,” “I have hurt in my body.”

And what you need to do over the next while is observe every time you get angry, whether it’s to do with traffic, whether it’s to do with house work, whether it’s to do with things at work.

Every time you get angry, you have to say, “I have anger.

I choose to let it go for my body.” And just observe that you’re running that Thought or Emotion because there is some unresolved issue, where you are still triggered by that.

Observe it. Choose to release it. Do this for all the Thoughts you put in the third column

This can take some time if you’ve had this emotion for quite a while.

This is where Reiki really helps.

The way Reiki works with relationships is: Unless we resolve it inside, it’s being projected.

An experience landed in your body, back whenever it happened and you had a sensation of it. So if it landed in the stomach, it may be anger. Or it landed in the heart, it may be upset. The experience just lands and your body  senses that.

The sense then connects with your nervous system and your nervous system then connects to neural pathways to the brain. Then your brain makes up thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions about that experience to protect you.

And all the way through life, we rethink these thoughts of protection. And they leak out in work through frustration or family. We get annoyed with kids or whatever.

So these thoughts leak out and all the way through life we try to correct all those situations, or try to manage situations. We say things like ” I won’t get as angry about this again”. And then you deal with that situation and then another situation comes along, giving you the same emotions and thoughts again!

The way Reiki works is:
You will sense where that patterns is in the body.
You will place your hands on that part and you direct this high vibrational energy into that part of your body.
The energy starts to unwind and release and relaxes the senses that initially were imprinted with that experience.

This is powerful because it doesn’t need you to talk, it doesn’t need you to process, it doesn’t need you to understand but you direct this high vibrational energy to that part where you initially sensed the experience.

When the senses are relaxed, then those sensors connect to the nervous system and it sends new neural pathways up to the brain and then suddenly, we begin to think differently.

That’s why when people come to Reiki and they have been trying to work with this or that in counselling or they have been trying to talk it out for about for 5 to 10 years and then suddenly they release the sensation of where that previous experienced with imprinted and they alter.

So I had one person come to learn Reiki. She was actually coming to release her marriage. But in doing this, she actually found she was projecting her past. She resolved her past from her body. This altered the way she thought about her marriage. And they actually had a new commitment to bring a lot of love and fun back into their lives. They decided to stay together.

So, what I would say from here is:

Own your Thoughts.
Don’t Project.
And Release.

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