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Transitions-Reiki VLog

Transitions Tips. Help the energy of transition in your life. Transition into something new or just a better part of yourself. Reiki & Pure Light Activations

Reiki Transformative Pathways VLog

Reiki Transformative Pathways interview with Patricia Sheehan Reiki Teacher tells her story to Scientist Clare Foley. The process of healing as experienced by individuals and the available science to investigate that process. Former Chemist Patricia Sheehan teaches people to empower and maintain their Health & Well Being. The Process of Healing and mainatining Health for 2020

Healing Curve Reiki VLog

Some people experience a healing curve after Reiki. Find out about the healing curve. Reiki's model of healing is different to conventional medicine. Reiki energy works on the source of out of balance in the body and mind. Reiki can relieve headaches, migranes and other conditions.

Reiki Management-How to Manage Your Energy with Reiki VBlog

How to manage your energy with Reiki. Its all about energy management. Key steps to manage your energy. Learn to respond to people and situations and remain vibrant healthy and happy.

Reiki Attunments VBlog

Reiki Attunements. Reiki is taught in different levels to allow you integrate each Reiki Attunement level. Increase your energy with each Reiki attunement. Find out about each Reiki Attunements and how each attunement works with your energy field.

Chakra Healing VBlog

Chakra Healing. How to Heal you Body. Rebalance, Restore and Refresh your chakras with Reiki. Learn Chakra Balancing. Chakra Colours. 7 Main Human Chakras

Reiki Hand Positions-Treating Others VBlog

Reiki Hand Positions for Treating Others. You need to be attuned to Reiki is a Reiki Course to activate your Reiki energy. These positions are for you as a reminder after your Reiki Course. Refresh all the Reiki positions that you can give to your family and friends.

Reiki Hand Positions for Self Healing Treatment VBlog

Reiki Hand Positions for Self Healing Treatment. Refresh Reiki Hand Positions after your Reiki Level 1 Course. Cover all the Chakras. Reiki Practice Positions for You and your self healing treatment. Brighten your energy on the inside and watch your life on the outside change. Be attuned to Reiki in a Reiki Level 1 Course.

Reiki-Better Relationships Video Blog

Relationships is one area in our lives that either give us energy or drain our energy. Have a look at how Reiki can help with Better Relationships. Use Distant Healing for Better Relationships. Use Reiki for Children and Family Relationships. Use Reiki for Soul & Spiritual Relationships.

Reiki – Important Values Video Blog

Reiki Important Values. How I started Reiki and all the differnt ways you can use Reiki in your Life. How Reiki helped with Baby. How it helped Asthma and Rheumatoid Arthritis. How Reiki can comfort while dealing with death. Reiki facilitates a higher bio magnetic field which allows for more vital energy to feed the cells in the body. - This is what maintains Happiness & Health.