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How Does Reiki Work Video Blog

How Does Reiki Work? What is Reiki. How to use Reiki. How to practice. Reiki is simply a way to generate more energy for your health, happiness and realising your potential,

Reiki-Create Your Life With Reiki. Video Blog

Create Your Life with Reiki. Use Reiki to create your day. Simple practice to connect, clear your energy and create. Hands on energy healing helps you get things done easier, while being aligned with your inner self.

Reiki Happy Healthy Life-Video Blog

Video Blog click here. It’s the beginning of 2016 and I decided that I would do something different. This is my first video blog. What that means, is you will receive a video blog every two weeks. This is about living the most energetic happiest healthiest life that you can. It's also about deepening your Reiki practice for those of you who practice Reiki.

Reiki Level 2. One of the best things you can learn is Distant Healing.

Reiki Level 2 One of the best things you can ever learn is distant healing. You can send healing to your past. You can heal the source of habits that you have been reliving today. When you send Reiki healing to your childhood patterns and [...]

Dare to do Great Things! Reiki & Subconscious

Reiki and your subcoscious mind. Dare to do great things. Clear your energy and your subsciousness mind clears to allow you do great things.

Activate Your Higher Chakras-Power& Love of the Higher Dimensions

Activate Your Higher Chakras Live from the Power and Love of the Higher Dimensions A Day for Powerful Clearing Energies and Activating Your Chakras 9-15.   Enjoy a New Start to 2015 Live Life to the Full with Grace & Ease! Go Higher & Life [...]

Reiki- Do You Want to Generate Energy for the Life You Want?

 Reiki- A simple relaxing way to generate energy  Reiki is a Simple way to generate energy, to have a relaxed, peaceful & successful Life.  Discover how you can activate your own powerful, gentle energy within. Feel Deep Relaxation, like you have never felt before.  And [...]

5 Simple Benefits About Reiki

5 Simple Benefits About Reiki I am delighted GloHealth published my Reiki article: 5 Simple Benefits About Reiki. Have a look. The spiritual practice of Reiki is a way to generate energy in a persons body and direct it to where they need it. Some people learn [...]

Reiki Master Teacher. Increase your Energy. Attune your family & friends to Reiki

Do you want to raise your vibration and have the full potential of the Reiki ray? Reiki Master Teacher Course. What would it be like to have a higher frequency and accelerate your energy field? • Imagine having the potential to always have the [...]

Reiki Practitioner & Advanced Energy Healing Course: Can your Heart energy affect your Happiness & Health?

REIKI PRACTITIONER & ADVANCED ENERGY HEALING COURSE “Your true self lives in your heart, not your head. Become more centred in your heart.”  Do you want a greater awareness and to deepen Energy Healing? Take care of your energy …

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