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Chakra Cleansing Self-Healing, Chakra Healing & Reiki Information
  • Learn simple self-healing techniques & learn about Reiki.
  • CD to Support Self- Healing

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Reiki Level 1 Training Learn Reiki for Self-Healing for you and your family
  • Attune to Level 1.
  • Increase Energy.
  • Energise your Chakras.
  • Mental & Emotional Healing.
  • Self-positions & more.

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Reiki Level 2 Training
  • Increase your Energy.
  • Reiki Empowerment Symbols to accelerate your ability to heal and rebalance
  • Energise your body, mind and spirit.
  • Attune to Level 2.
  • Learn Distant Healing.
  • Mind Body connections & 9 main areas where emotions are stored in the body.
  • Clearing & Deprograming techniques. Inner Child work.
  • Deepen your energy.

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Reiki Practitioner & Advanced Energy Healing Training
  • Increase your Energy.
  • A greater understanding of energy healing.
  • How specific attitudes and belief systems can be reflected in your Physical health.
  • You will review the Diary of your life, with a view to creating new belief patterns.
  • Attune to Reiki Advanced Level.
  • Learn about Body Psychology and the chakra system & energy system.
  • Integrate energetic maps into your healing and healing for others.
  • Reiki professional requirements to become a Practitioner
  • This Level is for you to become best Reiki Practitioner for yourself.

Reiki Practitioner. Read more.

  • Increase your Energy.
  • Receive Master Reiki Symbol & Deep healing symbol.
  • Connect at a deeper level with your spiritual growth.
  • Master self-awareness, knowledge & understanding of Reiki.
  • Learn to attune to all levels of Reiki for personal energy expansion.
  • Learn to attune professionally to all levels of Reiki.
  • Sample agendas for all Reiki Levels and how to teach
  • Open to full pontential of Reiki.
  • Great confidence in your ability to live your best life with Reiki
  • Have the ability to carry the energy of Reiki attunements, your energy becomes a much clearer vibrant bright channel.
  • Attune to Reiki Master Level.
  • Learn to attune to all Reiki Levels.
  • Professional Reiki requirements to teach Reiki.
  • Improve your communication skills and be able to powerfully express what Reiki can do for you and those around you.

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  • Living by your own inner light.
  • Learn New “Light” Techniques & Improve Sensitivity & Healing.
  • Deep Chakra Clearing
  • Energetic Memory Release
  • Extra Sensory Perception & Extra Sensory Projection
  • Magnetic Healing
  • Working with the Aura
  • Integrate Angelic Healing and Psychic Healing
  • Attune to Seichem Master Level.
  • Learn to attune to Seichem Levels 1, 2 Seichem Master Level.
  • When you have the ability to carry the energy of Seichem attunements, your energy becomes a much clearer vibrant bright channel.
  • You use the frequencies of Sakara, Sophi-El & Angelic Light.

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  • High Vibrational Attunements
  • “Shift your World through your Energy & Vibration”.
  • Attunements: Sakara, Sophi- El, Angelic Light
  • Raise Consciousness & Vibration.
  • Become a Powerful Manifesting Light
  • Sakara is a very fine high vibrational energy which allows your nervous system to be finely tuned to access the higher vibrational energy available to you.
  • People feel a lot lighter in their Vibration with these attunements. Let your space & field be a light vessel.

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REIKI SHARES Deeply relaxing & invigorating. Time for you! Support yourself and receive a great Reiki session while also giving Reiki to others. Reiki Shares Read more
PURE LIGHT ACTIVATION EVENTS Pure Light Activations Meditation Activations to support you to Be Free, Be Joy, Be Light & Fly High Meditations for Happy Healthy Life
PURE LIGHT ACTIVATIONS MEDITATION 9 CD SERIES created by Patricia Sheehan For Personal use Pure Light Activations at Home. Be Free, Be Joy, Be Light & Fly High. Remember Who You Are. Live Your Soul Essence & Divine Essence on Earth. 9 Full Series CD 1-9: Journey to Be Free, Be Joy, Be Light & Fly High.
Mini Series CD 1-3: Connect with your purpose. Clarify Your Desires & Enhance your Goals with Joy, Creation & Light
Mini Series 6-9: Activate your Heart, Your Higher Chakras & Your Soul Essence to work with magic, mystery & your Divine Qualities.
Mini Series 7-9: Awaken Your Higher Consciousness to Unlimited Potential of Source light as a Multidimensional being. Living a Light Activated and Expanded Life. Read more in my website:
Golden Light Meditation CD created by Patricia Sheehan
  • Feel deeply relaxed, uplifted, energised & refreshed.
  • This guided self healing meditation works on you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  • Brings you a deep level of relaxation.
  • With regular use, this unique meditation will enable you to live a healthier more relaxed life.
  • Reiki was used during the recording which makes this deeply healing

Healing Meditation

Learn Reiki & Open the door to a new level of Light, Health & Joy!

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