Reiki is simple and easy to learn.

You can easily learn Reiki for yourself. It is mainly practiced worldwide as a self-care technique. Many hear of going to a Reiki Practitioner for a Reiki Treatment. Yet you have the ability to receive a Reiki Attunement yourself and use it daily. This is where people receive great results. You don’t need any understanding or knowledge of subtle bio emerges or healthcare to learn Reiki.

This is what makes Reiki a fantastic technique of self-care for yourself and your family.

Ways to use Reiki for your family.

  • Reiki For Babies
  • Relax before starting school.
  • Increase healing ability and reduce pain for cuts, bruises and sport injuries.
  • Reduce emotional upset with life changes.
  • Less likely to get childhood coughs, colds when your immune system is boosted with Reiki.
  • Night time Reiki for 10 minutes allows your children feel safe and relaxed and close bonds are formed with you as parents.
  • Teenage adjustments are greatly supported with Reiki.
  • Reiki helps students focus and release insecurities.

You may be thinking sure that won’t work! Your children won’t let you give them Reiki!

What generally happens is when you feel the difference this energy makes to you and then your children get a taste of it, you will be in great demand!

When my children were younger, the bedtime ritual was reading their book and then Reiki for each of them. Just 10 minutes on their head to relax and their heart to feel loved and safe.

It will make a great difference to the emotional well being of your children and your relationships will be more connected and loving.

The beauty is, a lot of issues can be resolved through releasing energy and not as much talking is needed to feel connected and loved. This definitely suits teenagers!

You have a huge impact on the health and wellbeing of your children and your relationship with your partner.

Treat yourself and your family to a lovely lifetime gift.

Learn Reiki.

You have amazing energy within, just waiting for you to tap into.