Reiki Hand Positions- Self Healing Treatment VBlog

Hi Everyone! This is the Patricia Sheehan and you’re very welcome to your Reiki VBlog and again I’m delighted to be here.

This week, we’re going to talk about

Reiki Hand Positions for a Self-Healing Treating. 

So first of all,

What’s the purpose of Reiki?

The purpose of Reiki is

  • To generate more energy for you – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
  • So you can have greater Health, Happiness and Realise your Potential.

 So I like to look at it as the Three C’s.

 1. First C is

“Connect” to the universal life force energy within you.

2. Second C is

You “Clear” your thoughts, your emotions, your feelings. You just clear your day from your body.

3. Third C is that you have more energy to “Create” the life that you want.


So let’s look at your

Reiki Hand Positions for Self-Healing Treatment.

  1. You start off on the head and you have your hands on the crown is the first position. And then over the third eye
  2. Then the back of the head and you can do the back of the head like this or this actually is really good for the back of the head.
  3. Then Ears
  4. Next Throat (Left out on the Video. See Position here)
  5. Then the Heart Area.
  6. Next down to solar plexus which is around the belly.

    Reiki Hand Positions

    Reiki Hand Positions Self Treatment

  7. Next the sacral which is around the navel.
  8. Then the root chakra.
  9. And you could also do the legs and the knees for the root chakra as well.
  10. Next do the back of the neck and do one shoulder and do the other shoulder.
  11.  You can do the adrenal and the kidneys, the base of the spine.
  12. This is a really important position it’s for your immune system.
  13. You have your hand on your spleen and then your hand on your thymus in the middle of your chest area.
  14. Next to energize and distress leave your hand on your solar plexus and other hand on your throat area.
  15.  You can also do the sinuses which is just on the cheek bone and on the eyebrows. Moving on from the heart, you move on to the spleen and then the liver.

So, that’s all the Reiki Hand Positions for a Self-Healing Treatment.

Now all you need to do is just decide what time of day you are going to give yourself Reiki.

Decide Now.

Write it down.

How long are you going to give yourself this space for an Easier Happier Healthier Life?

Its just like going to the Energy Gym!

Practice and You will see results.

Reiki is all about the Practice, until your Energy naturally vibrates at Your Desired frequency of Health & Happiness & Love

It’s really great to do it in the morning for about 10 or 20 minutes and then in the evening for about 20 minutes or if you have 30 minutes that’s even better.

You do it lying down on a bed or sitting on a chair. And the best thing is once you put it in your diary, you’re definitely going to practice.

I hope you enjoyed this Refresh of the basic Reiki Hand positions for a Self-Healing Treatment.

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And for those who already have completed a Reiki Course,

Remember that, The more you practice

The Stronger your energy becomes

And the Brighter your Energetic field becomes.

Which brings great Health and Happiness.

Live Life Bright on the Inside and watch your World on the outside change!

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 Have a Happy, Healthy, Bright, Energetic Week! See you next time.