Reiki Hand Positions-Treating Others VBlog

Reiki Hand Positions -Treating Others

Hi Everyone! This is Patricia Sheehan and you’re very welcome to your Reiki VBlog.

This week I’m going to refresh Reiki hand positions for treating others.

These positions are for treating your family and your friends after your Reiki Course. You need to be attuned to Reiki energy in a Reiki Course to connect with the healing energy from these positions.

To start, you will activate your chakras like you learned in Reiki Level one and connect to the Reiki energy.

The first position is over the crown chakra and your hands are like this over the crown. You can do it this way with your hands directly on the head and you can also have your thumbs together and your fingers on either side of the head. So that’s the first position, the crown chakra.

The next one, you’re moving on to the third eye. So you put your thumb in the center of the eyebrows, both thumbs. The palms of your hand flushed against the brow and then your fingertips over the eyes. And that’s working on the third eye.

The next position is behind the head. So you gently roll the head to the side and the other side. Your fingertips are on the base of the occipital ridge which is at the base of the skull. So your two little fingers are touching each others. You are really cupping the back of the head. This is really good for any tension headaches or stress or over thinking. It’s also good to balance blood pressure. For blood pressure, you leave one hand under the head and put the other hand just across the back of the neck like an L-shape.

When the blood pressure is high or low this actually can be very balancing or you can do the other way as well with the other hand.

After the back of the head, the next position you can do is the ears – placing your hands over the ears and your fingertips resting on the jaw.

The next position is on the brow for sinuses. Put your hands on the eyebrows and you have a firm touch. Wherever there is a bone structure, you can have a firm touch on the eyebrows.

You can also do it on the cheekbone, where the cheekbone meets the bridge of the nose and you can place your fingertips on the cheekbone. That’s actually good for sinuses and also good for migraines. It’s also good for people who over think because we can collect a lot of tension in the cheekbone. So it’s actually good for people who do a lot of thinking, it can release that.

Then after the sinuses, you can move on to the shoulders and you can put your thumb behind the shoulders and your hands gently over the shoulders.

Then you can move on to the throat.

Then the heart area, just placing your hands on the collar bone around the heart area. So that’s all the positions around the head area.

Now we’re going to move on to the torso.

Come down and you can again do the throat from this area here. You have your hand either side of the throat area.

Move on to the heart where you have your hands over the heart area.

Then move to the chest area where you have your hands above the chest.

Next move down to the spleen and the liver.

Next further down to the solar plexus. The solar plexus is really good to do on young children or teenagers because if they are stressed or are holding onto worries or thoughts, it’s generally in the stomach area. And when you release from the stomach area that tension releases. The mind can alter from the stomach area. So for young children or for teenagers the stomach area is a really good position to do.

Moving on to the sacral which is just below the navel and that surrounds the reproductive organs and again that’s really good for relaxing moods. It’s also really good for PMS, menstrual issues or any imbalances due to menopausal issues or for creativity as well. This area is also good for relationships for both men and women.

Then moving down further, you can probably go one width below the navel as far down over the upper body.

Next move on to the hips and hold the hips either side.

Next the root area. Keep your hands off the root area.

Now this next position is one of the most important positions. It’s where you put your hand on the spleen which is under the left chest area and the other hand on the thymus and this helps to boost the immune system.

Next this position is to energize and de-stress. You put your hand on this solar plexus in the stomach area and over the throat area.

You can also do positions on the arms.

You can hold the hands and the shoulder. It runs energy up and down the arms and the arms are very much connected to the heart chakra.

You can also put your hands on the hand plus the elbow and you can do the same on the other side. You generally walk around and do the same on the other side with the hand and the shoulder and the elbows. So this actually is very good for the heart area as well.

Then moving on to the root you can also do the root where you have one hand over the root area and then you’re holding the inner part of the knee. The inner part of the knee, there is a little hollow in there and that’s where the meridian lines go down to the root chakra. So having your hand over the root and holding the inner part of the knee and then holding the other knee as well.

Then you can put the two hands on the knees for the root area as well. And then moving on from the knees, you can do the shins. You can also do the calves, you can move your hands underneath the calves.

Move on down to the ankles, and then the feet. I’m just going to pull the blanket back so you can actually see what I’m doing. But you wouldn’t pull the blanket back. You would actually leave the blanket on for comfort so you can hold underneath the ankles.

The ankles are really good to do because the ankles are also the same energy point as the neck.

Sometimes if people have neck tension they’d also have more energy needed in the ankles.

So underneath the ankles and then on top of the ankles, on top of the foot and moving your way up and just taking one hand grip at time as you move up and then coming up.

Next put your thumb on the back of the big toe and that actually goes all the way up to the pineal gland. So it’s really good for relaxation.

Then you can cup each foot. You can also lift and hold the ankle and also hold the foot like this and the same with the other foot. And then let’s just put back the blanket. You can also do the hipbone with the ankle like you did with the shoulder and the hand and you generally walk around and do the other one with the hip bone and the ankle or the knee and the ankle.

They are the basic hand positions for treating others.

Then to finish off, you clear down like you learned in Reiki Level 1 and then you wrap at the end, so that the energy field is closed and energized.

I hope you enjoyed learning and refreshing the hand positions and it’s really great to be able to do Reiki on yourself and on your family and friends after Reiki level 1.

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Have a Happy, Healthy, Bright, Energetic week!