Reiki Important Values

Reiki – Important Values.
My Journey – What do you value?

Hi Everybody! This is Patricia Sheehan and you’re very welcome to my Reiki blog.

This week, I’m going to talk about Reiki my story and what do you value?

You’ll find yourself in this story. You’ll also see all the different areas that you can bring Reiki into.

My journey started when I was 14. My Dad brought myself and my two older sisters off to learn meditation. We did a six-week course. I meditated all the way throughout my teens. I enjoyed getting to that place of “no thought” and that the point of stillness. But I felt that there had to be something more than just the stillness and no thought.

Then in my twenties, I did a lot of mind development work. I was looking just to bring myself to another level of something. I didn’t really know what. However, at the same time, I started skydiving. I was on two world records. I was on the Irish team for seven years. I was Irish Team Captain for two years. It was a male team with the exception of myself. So I achieved a lot and I really loved all that I did with that. All the mind development and the fact that I could go to stillness helped with all of that. But I was still looking for something. And yet, I didn’t know what I was looking for.

Then in my thirties, our third child was born. And he was born screaming and he cried for 15 months. He would try to go to sleep and he would cry. He would wake up, he would cry. He would eat, he would cry. There were times at four hours at a stint he would crying.

I knew there was something that I was to find. Again, I didn’t know what.

When he was 12 months, we brought him to an osteopath and the osteopath said that all of its innards, his stomach area was really tight. Around his head was really tight.

Now there was nothing physically wrong with the baby, nothing at all. So he was medically healthy.

However, they said that from the birth process he had just been compressed. And they said he had been in awful pain for the last twelve months. So at one level, I was just so relieved to find out there was something. I knew there was something there all along.

Every two weeks I brought him back to the osteopath and they subtly worked on his head and stomach. Sometimes I arrived and he was crying and they said they couldn’t work on him when he was crying. So we would go home again.

So there were nights where I sat upright for the night as he was more relaxed upright. When he lay down he would cry. I’m sure lots of you have had similar experiences. Those nights I was saying, there has to be something that I would find.

In May 1998, I did a Reiki Level 1 Course. I did it more because I was totally stressed out. We were both working full time and with three kids. And I thought maybe I’ll have something for myself to relax and help me deal with all that was going on and life’s situations in a better way. I also thought that maybe, I could give Reiki to the baby and other two children.

I did my two days and I got connected to this energy.

I came away and was told,” Yes, You can use this now”

One part of me thought “that’s a little bit rich” I have spent two days learning Reiki. Now most of us think we have to learn lots before we know anything worthwhile. And I had only been learning this for two days. The Reiki Teacher said “Yes just start using Reiki”.

So I did Reiki on myself every day, which meant I was just placing my hands on my body and closing my eyes and connected to the energy. I didn’t have any big experience like “Oh, this is fantastic!” I just felt relaxed” I did it on the baby. I held his belly and his head and he wasn’t crying.

But again, I wasn’t saying “Oh my god! This is it.” It was just like – he wasn’t crying and that was just great.

After two weeks, he went back to the osteopath and they said

Everything had realigned itself. His stomach was relaxed. It’s like the energy had just allowed him breathe. His head was relaxed.

I couldn’t believe what happened in those two weeks. They said they didn’t need to see him again. And within three months, when he was 18 months old, he has the biggest smile ever and still has it.

And it totally changed everything around his life.

Now it’s likely when energy gets restricted that there can be a knock-on effect physically. And that’s generally where a lot of physical conditions can happen.

It’s where there is restriction or inflammation or stress on the body and then it gets even worse. That’s where a lot of physical conditions or mental stress starts.
So we are blessed that we have Reiki. As he says, I wouldn’t be doing this job only for him because he came into my life basically to wake me up to the power of this energy we all have within.

I continued working. I’m a Chemist and I was working in the pharmaceutical industry and doing Reiki on myself every day. If the boys had coughs or colds I would give them Reiki. They never got anything serious, so we were maintaining health with Reiki.

I also used Reiki on my Mam. She had a heart condition. It was calming. It helped her breathe. And then, when she was very ill and near her time of death-

When you can’t talk or can’t explain or don’t really understand what’s going on doing Reiki was such a support.

When you have the power of touch to be able to do Reiki- it brought huge peace for my Mam, as well as myself. She did die.

However, being able to do Reiki in those times when you don’t know what to do is just the most amazing thing that you can do.

And my Mam didn’t drink. She didn’t smoke. She wasn’t overweight, she didn’t eat cheese, so she didn’t classify for somebody who should have a heart condition.

Heart energy is all to do with Love, Nurture and Living Your Life aligned with your Highest Self.

When I left that hospital and the world actually didn’t stop, I said, I committed that I would actually make choices that are always in line in my heart.

Within a year, I resigned from twenty years in the pharmaceutical industry and I decided we all need to be looking after our body in a different way.

So I started teaching Reiki in 2002. I’ve been teaching people full time how to look after their energy. And people are actually amazing what they have done with this. Just to give you a little bit on the science aspect of energy.

We all have an energy field around us. We don’t see it just in the common eye. However, there is an electroencephalograph and it actually measures the bio magnetic field around the body.

When people are operating normally, it resonates a 200 cycles per second or 200 hertz. They have shown that when people practice Reiki, this goes up to between 400 and 800 hertz. So the bio magnetic field around the body increases.

A higher bio magnetic field allows for more vital energy to feed the cells in the body and this is what maintains the health and happiness in our body. See simple explanation What is Life Force Energy

I’ve taught lots of different people. One particular person that comes to mind. She had asthma and she came to learn Reiki, more just for stress. She couldn’t believe when she went home. It was five months later, she said,

I actually haven’t used my inhaler since I started doing Reiki.

She gave herself Reiki by placing her hands on her chest and on her head, she said she was relaxed; she was breathing; she didn’t get as upset with life situations. And she just didn’t find the need to use her inhaler, which had a steroid. So she was delighted about that she didnt find the need for it.

There was another guy who came. He had premature Rheumatoid Arthritis and was in awful pain. After his Reiki Level 1 course he started to alleviate his pain and then he could walk without pain again, which he couldn’t do before. The walking actually helped his condition. He had a diagnosis that this condition was irreversible and forever. The only way recommended to deal with it, was taking medication for the symptoms. After 2 years of self-practice with Reiki, all his blood counts had come back to normal and his pain no longer existed and the Doctors said he didn’t have the condition. The Doctors didn’t understand how the disease reversed itself. So there is huge potential when we can activate energy within to rebalance the body back to its healthy state.

All I can say is-

Reiki helps in lots of different areas. It’s an energy that’s deep within you and just needs to be activated.

If you think you’d like to learn for yourself or somebody else check out Reiki Course

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Happy, Healthy, Energetic and Bright!