Reiki Mangement- How to Manage Your Energy with Reiki VBlog

Hi Everyone. You are welcome to my blog.

This week I received a question about Reiki and Protection.  I’m going to talk about energy management because actually when you need protection in Reiki, it is actually because you haven’t being managing your energy properly. So we are going to look at energy management and how you manage your energy if you are working with Reiki.

Energy management can be different at different levels because when you’ve just started Reiki you have a small amount of energy to work with and you can manage it fairly easily. The more you get into Reiki and the more you that actually start using more of this energy, your management level needs to go up.

It’s like when you go to the gym, if you lift small weights you balance yourself in a certain way. However when you go and lift a large weight you see there’s a whole different way of managing your whole body around that.  So energy is the exact same.

 There are three points to energy management

  • Energy Expansion
  • Energy Awareness
  • Energy integration.

 Energy Expansion is what you received with the attunement. Energy expands: that’s the easy part. It’s really lovely to feel the expansion in your Being. You feel uplifted and feel healthier and more positive. That’s the energy expansion.

  Next Energy Awareness: The expansion you received starts to work in you. You start to become more aware of your thoughts, your feelings or emotions and how they either empower or disempower you.

So with that, you might be more aware of other people’s energy around you and how they empower you or disempower you. I would say first, if you feel that you need protection around somebody. There is a thought that you have just when you feel “Oh I can’t be with their energy”. So if you are in a situation, I would just say- ask yourself What was the thought I was having about them or at that time that you lost your energy to or what thought did you have just before you couldn’t hold your own space?

That’s what you need to work on in yourself. Then they won’t present that situation in a way that you lose your energy to them. So that’s in social events or work or home or out and about.

If you are doing a Reiki treatment and you feel you are losing your energy, that shouldn’t really be happening because you should always be in the divine flow grounding yourself.

However sometimes afterwards when somebody has left, you feel drained. That’s not the Reiki causing that for you. There is an aspect that is brought to the surface in them that you need to look within yourself so you will need to give yourself some healing around that issue.

If you are draining all the time, there is something that you need to do with self management and maybe cut back a bit of work with other people till you can manage yourself, so that’s managing your energy.

 It’s like when you start in Reiki, you have a small field of energy and you need to learn to use that amount before you go on and receive more levels of energy.

However if you’re out its important to raise your vibration.

Do things that make you happy, even dressing up well makes a difference. Wearing perfume or for a man just dress feeling good in yourself, that raises your vibration. You are less likely to need protection or manage your energy in situations because you’re already in an upbeat  situation.

There are two other concepts that I would say around energy management.

 As Within As Without

As Above So Below

 As Within So Without: I know when I’ve gone through some situations where I lose my energy around someone or some situation, I just kept saying to myself “As within so without, As within so without”. If it’s happenif outside of yourself it’s within.  You need to do more inner work on yourself.

There’s a very good way of closing down. It doesn’t disconnect you but it sets a framework around your energy if you are in environments that you find challenging. It could be work a busy office. It could be a shopping center. It could be you’ve to go to court. So these are just normal but you want to keep your energy to yourself.

  •  Use shutters of light rather than fluffy light.
  • Visualise Shutters of light around you.
  • See them all around you, going down and then metallic blue around you as well.
  • Sometimes putting yourself in sort of a grid, like a matrix.
  • Your brain connects to that as a structure that will support you.
  • When your brain feels supported, your stomach which is from a Chinese medicine point of view is the exact same as the brain your field is centered here in your stomach area.

Doing Reiki before you go to any situations to expand your energy will be really good so you can maintain your space.

It’s part of the journey. You are all the time expanding. You are becoming more aware. Then if you do the inner work on the awareness, you will integrate the new level of energy.

  The benefits are huge and they are really worth it. You have more high vitality energy in your body for health and happiness.

Have a Happy, Healthy, Bright and Energetic Week!