Reiki- There is another way.

I started Reiki in 1998 a year after our third child was born. I was just looking for a relaxation and a healing technique.

After Reiki Level 1 I gave my son Reiki daily and after two weeks he stopped 15 months of crying and his abdominal spasms released. I had no intention of practicing Reiki full time. Then on 31 May 2001

“I left the hospital and once outside I wanted to scream “STOP!” Don’t you know that my Mam has just died? How can you go about your business?

“Of course, their world continued, but mine had stopped.

“In that moment I made a decision I will always follow my heart and life is now. Through that realisation, I knew I had to take action on my heart’s desire. My Mam died from a heart condition. She was the most amazing woman but mainly looking after others and not her own little heart. Bless her. So now this is my time to live my heart and help others to live true to their heart by encouraging them to release the past and allowing their bright energy to live fully now.

“I knew my life as a Chemist in the pharmaceutical industry was not my heart’s desire for a long time. I never had the courage to acknowledge that I could live my heart’s desire before then. After my Mam’s death, I connected deeper than ever before to my Reiki practice to release the grief and sadness held in the cells of my body and that enabled me to access a special joy and an inner strength that I had never felt before. And I got the guts to resign from my great job and teach Reiki full time.

I have 30 years experience in healing modalities. You will receive great energy and understanding how energy deeply heals your body and mind.

Patricia is one of the longest teaching Reiki in Ireland and has taught many of the best Reiki Teachers in Dublin

Patricia works with a powerful healing energy.

Many people have healed themselves with this healing energy. Some people have healed issues, where they were told nothing could be done. Some have let go of the past that they never could before and their minds are free.

Allow your body and mind open up to new energy within. Lighten your way…

This way of Living is Possible. Take the step today!

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