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Patricia is a well known Reiki Teacher and has been practicing Reiki since 1998

As a Reiki Teacher, Patricia has delivered her Reiki Courses, Seichem Courses, Sakara Courses, Mindfulness Programmes and Talks to thousands of people.  She has taught people to generate and manage their energy for a healthier, happier life.

This has made a real difference to peoples’ lives where they have learnt to eliminate pain, reduce stress, learn to manage their emotions and thoughts, to live a happier more relaxed and productive life. Patricia has helped thousands achieve peace of mind, better health and to be more aligned with their heart and life goals.

Patricia is much more than a Reiki Teacher.

She brings all her experience of over 20 years in energy healing and her pharmaceutical background and great knowledge of Traditional & Complementary Health to all her courses. Her courses are unique and very different as a result.

Patricia has been meditating since she was forteen. She has completed extensive training in energy techniques since she was in her twenties. She has been trained by many great Irish experts, an American Energy Intuitive and three years training with a Korean Monk. Patricia uses all of these energy systems to create a happy, healthy life and she is always moving forward to bring Energy Management techniques, Reiki, Mindfulness to many more people.

Patricia is a Chemist and worked for 20 years in the Science field, before setting up her Reiki practice in 1998. She has thirty years training experience in the Science field and the Complementary Health Field. Her great ability to see things differently and from a clearer perspective has inspired many. She was part of a group who set up the professional Reiki Body in 2002. She was the first Public Relations Officer and Chairperson for four years.

She adds a whole new dimension to her courses with her chemist background. You will get an understanding of the science of Reiki in a simple understandable way in all her courses. This is unique to her courses and will allow you understand the profound effect Reiki can have on your health and well-being and how you can use your great positive energy to do all that you are here to do.

People have said “This is so amazing. How come I didn’t know about this before?”

A Reiki Master, Seichem Master, Tera Mai Sakara Initiator, Certified LifeSkills Consultant and Diploma from Dublin College of Energy Medicine and a Chemist combined with all her experiences and knowledge makes her courses highly recommended by many. She is a true example of someone who lives with great energy and joy for life.

If you want Reiki for yourself you will learn how to keep healthy, peaceful and increase your potential or performance. Patricia has worked with many for performance in sport. She used Reiki to maintain high levels of performance in her own sporting life. If you are a parent, you can learn to give Reiki to your children. This is very beneficial for their health. Reiki is also great for clearing the energy that may come up as part of any relationship. Patricia’s three sons have been brought up on Reiki. If you are a Teacher, you can bring this energy into your class room. Patricia in the past developed Reiki & Mindfulness Programs for Transition Students and taught in three schools over a four year period. She now likes to focus on having Teachers learn Reiki and Mindfullness, so they can bring their super energy into the classroom.

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to say a huge Thank You for awakening the Reiki within me this year. You are an inspirational teacher! My life has just completely transformed in ways I did not know that it could & I look forward to continuing on this journey”.

I did the golden light meditation with the kids today and they just adored it! They nearly had me in tears. You have touched the lives of 20 gorgeous 6 & 7 year olds too. They asked me to leave the music on afterwards for their reading time.

Amanda, Teacher

If you work in business, you will learn how to manage your energy and stay calm to perform your best. Having relaxed energy allows you get a lot more done. Stress and over work stresses your body and the body and mind can become inefficient and ineffective.  If you are someone who likes to bring positive change to an organisation, then one of Patricia’s courses will be a real advantage.

Patricia is passionate and energetic in all she does. She has organized many large events promoting Health, Happiness and Success is an “Inside Job” She has spoken at Medical conferences and appeared in the Irish Times Health Supplement on numerour occassions. She has written many articles in Positive Health, Network Magazine, Reiki To-Day and appeared on RTE Radio and NewsTalk. Patricia organized a meeting with Department of Health on how to integrate Reiki into Mainstream Health.

Patricia has created her own Pure Light Activation Meditations 9 CD Series & Chill To Win CD Series and Golden Light Deeply Healing Guided Meditation.

The Purpose of Life is to be the expression & expansion of happiness & joy!

Let me invite you to be Your Bright Self.     Patricia Sheehan

What people say

“I did your course and now I am so centred in myself. I feel so happy. I am trusting myself more to make choices that really suit me. I have so much more energy. I can’t believe it!”

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