The weekend was just as I expected, beautiful, relaxing, interesting and a complete break away from everything.  What I didn’t expect was such a huge shift in my own Reiki and healings.  I didn’t think it was possible to feel more connected to Reiki than I did but that just how it felt after the workshop. Seichem is a natural progression and I would highly recommend Patricia whose energy, light, knowledge and passion makes the whole workshop a real gift to yourself and everyone around you.

Thank you Patricia for everything.

“Patricia is an amazing teacher and wonderful person.. She’s so enlightening And Has Such A Warm strong Amazing Energy Around Everything She Does. Her meditations are amazing, and you feel so connected and relaxed after everyone! Thanks For Teaching Me Everything You Have! Reiki Has Truly Changed my life for the better thanks so much.”
Stacy, XXX
I just wanted to say thank you so much for last weekend. Aside from the fabulous experiences throughout the weekend I have come away so energized I’m just on a high.
I did the golden light meditation with the kids today and they just adored it!One little girl said she saw the bright light in her ear and another little boy said he felt like his nanny was close by. They nearly had me in tears.
You have touched the lives of 20 gorgeous 6 & 7 year olds too. They asked me to leave the music on afterwards for their reading time.
Really looking forward to seeing you soon.
Amanda Teacher
I was dignosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I went from an active fit person to being on steroids and other medication to relieve the pain. I started Reiki and within a year of doing Reiki Level 1, 2 and Advanced Level I am off medication and I don’t have pain.. Doing Reiki allows you to open up to a higher level and release the physical pain you are feeling in your body. I cannot recommend Reiki enough.
Educate Together School Teacher
I liked the way everything flowed so easily, no rushing or interruptions and the surroundings were perfect. I would recommend the workshop as I found it very relaxing and enjoyable. It opened my eyes to some negative thinking habits I have developed. Thanks a mil!
Margaret Butler, Dublin
I’ve been doing reiki on.myself every day. I can’t believe how much calmer I am my reactions to situations has completely changed.
I can also now get rid of a headache or pain without panadol!
Liz Roche
Patricia’s workshop gave me time out to look within and to release mental blocks. A Big Thank You, Patricia with Love, light and blessings.
Madeline McMahon, Dublin
I attended the workshop to de stress and become more intuitive. I liked the workshop because of the complete feeling of ease and normality. I would recommend the workshop as I really feel that it has a lot to offer and everyone can benefit. I feel an inner calm and more confident. It really was a pleasure to meet you and Thank You.
Sonia Doyle
Thank you for a wonderful Healing and enlightening few days of Reiki.
You are an amazing Spirit to be around. It is a joy and blessing
Aoife Nelson, Reiki Master Teacher
For me, leaving the Sakara course felt in some ways like I had reached the destination – the journey being the Reiki attunements that I have received from Reiki I to the Sakara course. And yet in another way, it feels like this now is only the beginning now of a new journey – a journey that really only has my imagination as its boundary. Since the course, each day I am far better at living fully in the moment, but also experience that detachment that has enabled me to not get caught up in the minute details and stresses and worries that really is such a waste of energy. This might sound funny but I definitely can ‘see’ a new me in the mirror! The course as delivered by Patricia was, as ever, professional, challenging and yet remained as much about my personal attunement as about delivering the course.
Ann O’Connor
I was a bit skeptical about these things. But I was totally amazed how much it helped me.
It was like a cloud had lifted that I was in for 2 years. After the last Seichem session about 17 weeks ago…I can happily report I’m 16 weeks pregnant.
(This lady came to clear her body and energetic memory of what was in the way of becoming pregnant.)
After Seichem, my back pain that I had for 2 years went. I now know I was carrying some family issues that I was not aware of. Thank you so much.
Great night’s sleep. The best I had in a long time. Really Relaxed. Peace and Calmness came up. It was great to stop doing everything and have time for me.
Mary Sheridan

After Seichem Course

“The easiest way to explain the difference in having Seichem and not having Seichem is to compare it to the difference in having Reiki and not having Reiki in your life. The changes have been incredible.
Having completed the workshop I would recommend Seichem to any practitioner but also to anyone who is committed to their journey with Reiki. Seichem is a natural progression and I would highly recommend Patricia whose energy, light, knowledge and passion makes the whole weekend a real gift to yourself and everyone around you”.
Deborah King, Reiki Master Teacher
Thanks for including mam in the distant healing. She has completed a course of radiotherapy. She’s to go back to the hospital for a scan in a couple of weeks to see how successful it has been but it appears to have been so. She’s starting chemotherapy on Monday. Her attitude to date has been nothing short of remarkable so long may that continue.
My experience of Reiki has been quite a journey & I was happy to complete the Reiki Mastership course in May of this year. Reiki for me has been like opening a big window in my life & let so much love & happiness come pouring in! It has also helped me deal with difficult emotions & past issues & has given me a clarity & peace of mind which is very comforting.
Thanks so much Patricia for giving me the opportunity to experience all of this!
I first wanted to thank you again for giving us all the wonderful Gift of Reiki. I know my life will and has changed for the better in so many ways and this is just the beginning!!
Love & Thanks
I found the workshop well organized, clear, straightforward and relatively easy to follow. It taught me a wonderful respect for Reiki and I feel enriched and my life has improved since I began. Your gentleness and encouragement were invaluable and you created a wonderful spirit of acceptance in class. May your work prosper.
Since I started Reiki there has been a tremendous amount of clearing of emotional and mental aspects in my life. It has helped me so much. I am a calmer person and my intuition is far sharper. For the first time in a long time, I am happy with myself and my life.
Thank you Patricia.
Mags, Dublin
Thank you for giving me so much confidence in our ability to heal ourselves.
With deepest gratitude
Vera, Dublin