“Self Healing technique. Reduce Stress. Deeply relaxing. Awaken yourself to your Great Self. Have a Peaceful, Happy, Joyful & Successful Life with Reiki”.

What is Reiki?

  • REIKI is a very simple way of generating energy in your body to help you heal physically and clear your mind.
  • You will be able to deeply relax
  • Clear your mind and start to live in the now!
  • You can use Reiki to reduce physical pain and allow your body return to new levels of vitality.
  • You can empower yourself to clear emotions and thoughts when you have the right tools.
  • One of the most amazing things about Reiki is that you do nt need your head to receive the benefits. It is time for you to be supported and give your head a rest.
  • Have the ability to clear deep subconscious thoughts and memories.
  • Experience great lightness in your life, when your body and mind are free of the past.
  • Happiness is within, you just need a tool to clear the rest and get access to it.
  • Reiki is simple, yet powerful and is a gift that is within you.
  • All you need to do is to be connected to this loving, nurturing, powerful energy.
  • You can receive a Reiki attunement and be connected to Reiki in a two day Reiki course.
  • Reiki originated in Japan in 1800’s by Dr Mikao Usui, Dr. Dr Usui passed on Reiki to Chujiro Hayashi, who then passed it on to Hawayo Takata.
  • Reiki is now widely used worldwide by many people as a health maintenance, stress management and a great technique for realising your potential and tapping into your Joy.

Imagine getting happier and healthier with life. Imagine waking up realising that it is all within and you have a way to access it. Imagine the more you access your inner self, the more healthier you become. You start to enjoy all your relationships. You have energy to enjoy being fit. You have an interest in life that you can’t wait to see what is next. You are ok with uncertainity. You see another view to all life experiences that in the past would have drained you. You are happy.

You can experience a Reiki Treatment from a Reiki Practitioner.
To truly integrate Reiki into your life, you can be attuned to Reiki in a Reiki Course and use Reiki on yourself every day.
You can become your own Reiki Practitioner.
You can even use Reiki on your children, family and friends.
When you receive a Reiki attunement in a Reiki Course, life will never be the same.
You have a relaxation technique to increase your energy flow, relax your body and clear your mind.
You can learn Reiki Level 1 in a two day Reiki Course.

“Reiki opens your mind to a whole new lighter view of life.”

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to say a huge Thank You for awakening the Reiki within me this year. You are an inspirational teacher! My life has just completely transformed in ways I did not know that it could & I look forward to continuing on this journey”.
Laura, Chemist

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