How would you feel if you had a sense of new energy within?

Imagine being Peaceful & Calm no matter what life brings your way?

Are you ready to empower yourself?

  • Are you struggling with Happiness and Health?
  • There is another way.
  • You can be happy, healthier and have peace.
  • You just may not have the tools or practices or vibrational frequency to be your powerful happy person that you are.

You can change all that. You can discover a new part of yourself that is waiting for you. I can support you in a Reiki Level 1 Workshop.

Each Reiki, Seichem or Sakara Course will give you a new vibrational shift, new sense of yourself. You will have tools and practices to redefine yourself. Peace, Lightness, Happiness and greater Health all happens through a vibrational shift in your energy field. Energy is everything!

I have worked with over a thousand people bringing them new levels of vibrational energy and a deep understanding of how energy works. Coming from a science background for over 20 years, I integrate the Biology of Reiki into all my courses. You will get a simple scientific understanding of the benefits of Reiki. This makes it very simple to understand why Reiki Energy has such a profound effect on your happiness and health, mind and body. You will gain a great passion to use this energy daily.

Reiki is simple yet powerful and you can easily learn Reiki. All you need to do, is to be connected to Reiki to use its benefits. In Reiki Level 1 you are attuned to Reiki so that you can use it on yourself and family and friends.

Deep within you is the ability to increase your energy and direct it to where you need it. Imagine having a whole new perspective on your life that can bring peace and lightness, no matter what life is like right now. When you have peace and lightness, you have freedom. You have freedom to change, freedom to let go of old patterns, freedom to make new choices in an easier free flowing way.

Imagine how you will feel when you can achieve success through the foundation of Peace and Lightness. We all like to be around people who are happy and uplifting. You can be that person. Your energy will have a ripple effect on your family and friends. What a gift! Take care of yourself and everyone else also benefits. With all this, your body will be lighter, your mind brighter and clearer and you will have an increase of energy.

You will feel new energy within.
You will reignite your inspiring inner self.
You will be more Peaceful, Calm & Joyful.

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