• Receive a Reiki attunement in a Reiki Course
  • Learn How Reiki works, Reiki Principles and History of Reiki.
  • Learn how to direct energy to where your body needs rebalancing.
  • Use Reiki to rebalance your Chakras & Endocrine system.
  • Learn how your emotions and thoughts can energise or deplete your energy.
  • Use the Mental Clearance technique and Emotional Clearance technique for stress management.
  • Bring Reiki into all areas of your life. Reiki spaces, food, home, workplaces.
  • Learn Reiki self-positions and Reiki positions to treat family.
  • Learn how Reiki is a fantastic technique to use as a relaxation technique.
  • Give and receive Reiki.
  • Receive a detailed manual with everything you need to know to support your Reiki.
  • Fully certified to Reiki Level 1 in line with Reiki Federation Ireland guidelines.
  • If you wish to go to the next levels up to Practitioner and Teacher levels your Reiki training is in line with all professional requirements.
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