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  • Do you want a greater awareness and to deepen your Energy Healing?
  • This Reiki Practitioner & Advanced Energy Level is Heart Centred.
  • Integrate the wisdom that your body is alerting you to and have greater vitality, health, happiness & lightness.
  • What would it be like if your energy flow increased and was more efficient?
  • What would it be like to have inner lightness, no matter what life is like?
  • Advanced Energy Healing & Reiki Practitioner Course is a deeply healing course where you unleash a new bright energy within.
  • I have developed this Reiki Practitioner & Advanced Energy Healing Course with all my experience and knowledge over the last twenty years.
  • You will receive the requirements for the Reiki Practitioner level with an abundance of extra training in Reiki and personal development.

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Reiki Practitioner & Advanced Energy Healing Level Workshop

  • The Reiki Practitioner & Advanced Energy Healing Level Workshop is highly recommended if you wish to have a greater understanding of Energy Healing, Metaphysical Connections to health and if you want to Activate your Heart Chakra at a whole new level.
  • This course is focussed on your Heart Chakra.
  • This course is for you, if you want to live a heart centred life
  • You also will receive complete training to become a Professional Reiki Practitioner in line with Reiki Federation requirements
  • Even though you will receive a Professional Reiki Practitioner Certificate, as with any Reiki level the course is focused on your personal healing. You will learn to be the best Reiki Practitioner for your own healing. This Reiki course creates a Powerful Shift in your Life.

Reiki Practitioner & Advanced Energy Healing Level Workshop

Please email me for full details on this course.

Reiki Practitioner & Advanced Energy Course outline:

  • Receive Advanced Reiki Attunement.
  • Each attunement raises your vibration & healing abilities.
  • Have a deeper understanding of energy connections between mind & body. Accelerate your healing.
  • Learn about Body Psychology and the chakra system & energy system, so that you can integrate this knowledge into your healing and healing for others.
  • How specific attitudes and belief systems can be reflected in your Physical health. You will review the Diary of your life, with a view to creating new belief patterns.
  • Become aware of the Role your Soul and Spiritual energy plays in your overall reality.
  • With awareness, there is acceptance which allows your Reiki energy to heal and release, leaving your body, mind and spirit invigorated and ready for something new.
  • Inner Child healing.
  • Family line healing
  • Professional REIKI –Practice Treatments and receive Practice Treatments from others.
  • Client Information Forms.
  • Guidelines on how to work with Clients, Role Play.
  • Case Studies.
  • Reiki Business.
  • Personal Development.
  • Guidance on Reiki in Hospitals, Hospices, Nursing Homes, Secondary Schools, National Schools, Business Organisations.
  • You will receive my personal experiences and approaches to the above organisations.

Testimonial after Reiki Practitioner & Advanced Energy Healing Course

My experience of Reiki has been quite a journey & I was happy to complete the Reiki Practitioner Course. Reiki for me has been like opening a big window in my life & let so much love & happiness come pouring in! It has also helped me deal with difficult emotions & past issues & has given me a clarity & peace of mind which is very comforting.

Thanks so much Patricia for giving me the opportunity to experience all of this!


“This Course is Deeply Healing, Relaxing and Refreshing.”
“A whole new view of yourself, your past and your future is available”

“Redefine Yourself & Your Life”

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Taking this level will greatly enhance your healing abilities for yourself and others.

Reiki is not about the certification.
Reiki is about expanding your energy and channel to be more effective and loving.
However it is always great to get the Professional Certificate!

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Peace & Lightness in everything you do.