Reiki Level 2 Course

“Increase Your Reiki Healing Energy. Learn Distant Healing. Have Greater Levels of Peace, Lightness and Vitality.”


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Why choose Reiki Level 2?

  • What would it be like to have the capacity to expand your energy and be able to use Reiki more efficiently for a Peaceful, Light, Successful Life?
  • When your Energy, your Body and Mind is at Peace, you can achieve so much more with less effort. When your energy is aligned with your greatness, your body is healthier and your mind clearer.
  • Give yourself the gift of a Reiki Level 2 Workshop.
  • In Reiki Level 1 you learned how to connect to energy and how to direct energy to your chakras and how to rebalance your energy.
  • The next step is to strengthen your energy to access greater amounts of light energy and in the process clear old patterns, thoughts, beliefs, that are in the cells of your body.
  • The electrical frequency within the cells can be overloaded with stress, overwhelm, over achievement or physical imbalances and illness. This overload can cause fatigue, stiffness, emotional stress and lack of clarity.
  • You can alter your energy to release stress from your body, with the extra energy of Reiki Level 2. Reiki Level 2 attunement is four times stronger than Reiki Level 1.

Reiki Level 2 Workshop

  • Be able to access your energy system at a much deeper level.
  • Rebalance and ground larger amounts of energy. Sometimes the body doesn’t know how to ground and with overloaded energy the body and mind can become imbalanced.
  • Reiki Level 2 Attunement increases your energy four times greater than Level 1.
  • Refresh all Reiki self-positions and Reiki Positions for others and different conditions.
  • Learn Distant Healing. Send distant Reiki to your past and your future and be able to send distant healing to family and friends. This is a great ability to have. Energy is always in transition and when you have the ability to do distant healing you can bring higher more vibrant energy to yourself, others and all life situations.
  • Life is never the same after learning distant healing. Your ability to bring Peace and Lightness to the way you deal with life situations increases significantly.
  • Learn Reiki Symbols to empower your Reiki. E.g. Peace symbol, Grounding symbol, Past Releasing symbol, Love & Truth symbol etc
  • Cutting Energetic ties in the body from old patterns.
  • Learn Mind Body Connections and learn to use 9 main emotional release points in the body.
  • Inner Child Practices to bring the brightness of the child part of you to life.
  • Empowering Goals with Reiki
  • Deprogramming Technique to integrate new desired patterns.
  • Increase the power of your Reiki Practice and have increased physical health and vitality.
  • Detailed Manual & Reiki Level 2 Certification (in line with Reiki Federation Ireland Professional requirements)
  • A two hour follow up session approximately three weeks after the course is provided for continued support in your Reiki practice

Just to note:

Sometimes your body can get tired and your mind unclear because of you have too much energy. It doesn’t appear like this, as you can feel tired or your mind is cluttered and unfocussed. Too much unused energy can cause lack of vitality. There is a lot of change in the energy systems of our environment right now. Many people need a technique to ground their energy. When your energy is grounded, it flows, it is earthed and your body has just the right amount for you physically and mentally. You feel alive and full of vitality. There is a field of energy that is available for you to use. It’s time to access this powerful energy that surrounds you for vitality, peace, happiness and success.


“Having now completed Reiki 2 and Reiki Practitioner Level, the changes in my life have been amazing. I no longer take any medication and after 2 years of not being able to go for a run, I have recently started back at a sport that I found very hard to give up. What I find amazing, is that I did it all for myself. I didn’t do the Reiki courses so that I would have a qualification, I just wanted it for myself. But the way things have worked out, is that now I practise Reiki for others. People have come to me, maybe because they see that I am physical proof of what Reiki can do.

Doing Reiki allows you to open up to a higher level. You do not need to understand it, just let it happen and you will be amazed. I cannot recommend Reiki enough. Only good comes from it, and life is much easier to live from this viewpoint. It is a deeply relaxing and healing energy and gives you the power to live your life for yourself, always moving in the right direction.”

31 year old Teacher, Dublin

Imagine you have the power to connect to a higher energy within you. Your potential is vast. Learn how to strengthen your connection in Reiki Level 2 and bring your human potential, health and well-being to a brighter, lighter space.

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