Tera Mai Sakara Attunements Dublin Ireland.

High Vibrational Attunements

“Shift your World through your Energy & Vibration.”

Raise Consciousness & Vibration

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Become a Powerful Manifesting Light

  • These are powerful attunements. They have the hot energy of Fire for core healing issues and the deep cool energy of Water (Sophi-El) for emotional healing and the high finer vibration of Angelic Light (Air and Spirit) to transcend to new realms of existence.
  • Training in Sakara Attunements was passed down by Kathleen Milner USA, Tera Mai Sakara. See http://www.kathleenmilner.com/Instructors_Advanced%20Training.htm for trained Sakara Instructors in Ireland.
  • Your Sakara Certificates are co-signed by Kathleen Milner to preserve the integrity of Sakara Attunements passed through TM Sakara

See Sakara Course for outline details.

Email patricia@reikiforall.org or call 086 3576142 for detailed information about Sakara Course