Sakara Attunements, Sakara Level 2, Sakara Level 3 Course Dublin Ireland.

High Vibrational Attunements

“Shift your World through your Energy & Vibration.”

Raise Consciousness & Vibration

Light Explosion

Date: SATURDAY 14th JANUARY 2017
Time: 9.30am-5.00pm

Venue: Castleknock

 Sakara II   Time: 9.30am-12.45pm.      (200€ )

   Sakara III   Time: 2pm-5.00pm    (300€ )

Certificates are co signed by Kathleen Milner, Tera Mai Sakara

Become a Powerful Manifesting Light

  • These are powerful attunements. They have the hot energy of Fire for core healing issues and the deep cool energy of Water (Sophi-El) for emotional healing and the high finer vibration of Angelic Light (Air and Spirit) to transcend to new realms of existence.
  • You will find that you immediately see a difference in your healings. Real clarity and purity as the attunements charge your energy field with the Sakara energy. Your Psychic ability will improve even more and your connection and clarity with your Angels and Spirit for yourself and others will be clearer.
  • Seichem Level 3 is level 1 of Sakara energy. So once Seichem is completed, you can do Sakara Level 2 and Sakara Level 3.
  • It is your nerves which carry deep psychic and healing energy. Sakara is a very fine high vibrational energy which allows your nervous system to be finely tuned to access the higher vibrational energy available to you.
  • You will immediately notice an increase in each element of the healing energy and how you can use each element: i.e. you will be more sensitive to Fire, Sophi-El and Angeliclight assistance and clearer in the interpretation of the divine source of healing.
  • The true source of all healings is Spiritual Healing. Sakara will bring you to a new level of accuracy and clarity in spiritual healing and greater connections to angelic assistance required to hear more clearly what needs healing, and to bring light and healing through.

Sakara Level II:

  • Three High Vibrational Sakara Attunements.
  • Powerful Invocation to raise Consciousness and Vibration.
  • Manifesting Symbol.
  • Aura Healing Symbol
  • Balance Creativity and Action Symbol.
  • Releasing Energetic Memory from the Body

Sakara Level III

  • Three High Vibrational Sakara Attunements.
  • Master Fire Symbol. Strong Clearing
  • Master Water Symbol. Emotional clearing to allow your body come from your creative centre.
  • Releasing Energetic Memory from the Body.

Student’s Comments after Sakara Course

For me, leaving the Sakara course felt in some ways like I had reached the destination – the journey being the Reiki attunements that I have received from Reiki I to the Sakara course. And yet in another way, it feels like this now is only the beginning now of a new journey – a journey that really only has my imagination as its boundary. Since the course, each day I am far better at living fully in the moment, but also experience that detachment that has enabled me to not get caught up in the minute details and stresses and worries that really is such a waste of energy. This might sound funny but I definitely can ‘see’ a new me in the mirror! The course as delivered by Patricia was, as ever, professional, challenging and yet remained as much about my personal attunement as about delivering the course.
Ann O’Connor
It is the best course I have ever done.
Reiki Master Teacher, Seichem Master Teacher
  • These are High Vibration attunements for those who have completed Seichem Level 1, 2 and Master Level 3.
  • Training in Sakara Attunements was passed down by Kathleen Milner Tera Mai Sakara. See for trained Sakara Instructors in Ireland.
  • Your Sakara Certificates are co-signed by Kathleen Milner (Founder of Tera Mai Sakara)

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Shift your World through your Energy & Vibration.
Become a Powerful Manifesting Light