Seichem Course Level 1, 2 & Seichem Master Teacher Dublin Ireland.

Why do Seichem?
Is Seichem for you right now?

  • Would you like to live more from Your Own Inner Light?
  • Have a strong sense of self and be grounded in your energy to hold more light, yet be balanced?
  • Live and act from your light self?
  • Work more with the Angelic realm?
  • Increase your light frequency and improve your healing for yourself and others.
  • Increase your light frequency by having the ability to pass on the attunements?

Seichem Course Level 1, Level 2, Master Teacher Level


This workshop is for you if you have completed Reiki Master Level

Date: Sat 5th & Sun 6th November 2016

Time: 9.30am-5.30pm
Venue: Hilton Hotel, Kilmainham, Dublin 8

Price: €410

Deposit: €5

Please email me for full details of this course content:

Seichem Course Overview

  • Receive Seichem Level 1 Attunement, Seichem Level 2 and Seichem Master Teacher Level 3 Attunement
  • Learn New Light Techniques and improve sensitivity and healing.
  • Learn Psychic Healing and Extra Sensory Perception and Extra Sensory Projection to accelerate the flow of light.
  • Work with ESP and Biology of the Body. Uniquely developed from my science background.
  • Energetic Touch points to release and increase energy flow for specific issues. Eg Heart opening, Lymph system, Brain relaxation.
  • Working with the Aura and Resentising the brain with new angelic neural connections.
  • Releasing Energetic Memory from the Body.
  • Use of colours to cleanse chakras.
  • Deep Chakra Clearing
  • Magnetic Healing.
  • Working intuitively with your third eye.
  • Deep Chakra Cleansing.
  • Releasing Energetic Memory Techniques
  • Seichem Symbol.
  • Learn to give Seichem Level 1 Attunements, Seichem Level 2 Attunements and Seichem Master Level 3 Attunements to others.
  • Learn to give Violet Flame Attunement.
  • Being able to attune to Seichem increases your Healing Potential and your Seichem channel, even if you are not passing on attunements at this time.
  • Manual and Seichem Level 1, Seichem Level 2 and Professional Seichem Master Teacher Level 3 Certificate given.

After This Seichem Course
Your Energy will be much Lighter and Transformative.

What people say

The weekend was just as I expected, beautiful, relaxing, interesting and a complete break away from everything. What I didn’t expect was such a huge shift in my own Reiki and healings. I didn’t think it was possible to feel more connected to Reiki than I did but that’s just how it felt after the workshop. Seichem is a natural progression and I would highly recommend Patricia whose energy, light, knowledge and passion makes the whole workshop a real gift to yourself and everyone around you. Thank you Patricia for everything.
D King, Reiki Teacher Ireland

Be Bright!

“Take another step towards Living by Your Own Inner Light.”

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Price: €410. Pay Deposit at end of Reiki Master and
Pay: €375
Deposit: €50

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Happiness, Peace & Increased Lightness in everything you do.
Stay Centred in Your Own Inner Light.