Transitions- Reiki VLog

Hi Everyone!

This is Patricia Sheehan. You are very welcome to my blog and I’m delighted to see you here again and delighted to be here.

Today I’m going to talk about Transitions. There’s lots of energy around at the moment helping us to transition. Actually transitioning into something new or just a better part of ourselves.

So if you are aware of this energy, it’s a really exciting time. If you are not aware of this, it might look like things are not working, because you are trying to grasp onto old ways.

So I’d invite you to look at this as a great time of transition.

We are halfway through 2016 and it’s almost the balancing point, where you are tipping the scales over to a New Way. So what I would say:

The tips to help the energy of transition in your life. Firstly, look at what you have. Just even physical things that you have. Look at them with three points in mind

  1. Do you want them
  2. Do you need them
  3. Do you love them.

So if you don’t want them or you don’t need them or you don’t love them, then it’s time to let them go. If you want them and you need them and you love them, yes hold on to them.

So that’s one thing that you can practically do to support yourself in the energy of transition.

Then I’d invite you to look at the things that you do in life. Look at things around your work or things that you do around your family or things that you do around your home.  And again look at:

Do you still want to do that,

Do you still need to do that, especially in roles of parenting or even partnerships where you have done something and then you may no longer need to do something.

  1. Do you want to do that
  2. Do you need to do it
  3. Do you still love doing that.

There is a time to move some things out of the space. What you are doing here is you are simplifying. You are opening up to a simpler way of doing more focused tasks.

You are actually opening up to expansion.

When you simplify, you have a lot more space and then you have a lot more of this energy to work with.

So that’s what I’d ask for the next couple of weeks is actually take on looking at Transition.

I have noted in the last couple of weeks, the questions coming through for this blog initially were about Reiki. How to do this, that and the other with respect to the practice of Reiki. I’ve done quite a number of blogs around that and how to do Reiki. Questions are coming through more about Connection now. For example, How do I connect more with this? How do I harness this energy? How do I live by using this energy?

The questions are actually taking a transition. So this video blog is taking a transition! This is the last Vidoe Blog where I call it a Reiki Video Blog, because it’s actually transitioning into another sort of blog.

I’m really excited about this transition in moving these video blogs into another space. I know you will love what you will get in the new Video Blogs.

I now taking July off and I’ll be back again towards the end of August with New Video Blogs. They will have transitioned into something new that I hope you’ll love.

I look forward to seeing you then.

Keep the energy of transition moving and you will feel more at peace.

You will get so much more space for what you want to do.


Have a Happy, Healthy, Bright & Energetic week!