Do you know that your energy is the source to everything in your life?

Your energy is the source to good health, vitality, a good mind-set, levels of happiness and all relationships.

How can energy impact so many areas?

Being a Chemist and I have been meditating since I was 14, I have always been interested in how things work, particularly how we work!

Have you felt that there is something you don’t know about yourself? You learn about things and information but you don’t learn a lot about who you are or how you work?.

I just love the fact that the logical scientific principles can correlate with all the energy practices I have learned over the years.

If you have been struggling with something or someone or a circumstance for a while and you have not resolved it, it is likely that you have been going to the wrong place to sort it out.

Your mind is limited and generally programmed to your habits from childhood and also programmed to society’s expectation of you.

Your body senses everything, right from the time you were in the womb. Just because you rationalize your feelings, that does not mean they leave your nervous system, as is seen from traumas that are rationalized but people still suffer from them years later.

Your energy is infused throughout all the cells in your body by the very nature of the composition of atoms. Atoms are 1% solid with 99% energy by nature. So you are 1% solid and 99% energy. You have a Bio Magnetic field, a magnetic field that is generated by the cells in your body. This Bio Magnetic field is affected by the electrical pulses of your subconscious mind and conscious mind and life experiences.

If you don’t know about your energy field and its impact on your well being, you are not aware how to use it and optimize your energy. People are quite surprised that when they discover how to balance their energy that the physical condition they had disappears or their low moods or depression or unmotivated patterns don’t exist anymore.


Your energy field that is the environment of your thoughts consciousness and subconscious affect you physically and mentally. You can learn a technique to become aware of these and release them from your body and have a clearer energy field.

Imagine if you knew how to de-stress your body and clear your dis-empowering thoughts and re-balance your energy and restore optimum energy flow, when your body is alerting you?

You know how to naturally look after your Digestive System. You eat healthy foods and you feel good. You eat unhealthy foods you don’t feel so good.

You look after your Circulatory System. You reduce fats and make sure you take exercise.

You look after your Nervous System. You find ways to refresh your mind.

You look after your Respiratory System. Ensure to get fresh air and exercise.

So are you aware of your Energy System? What are you doing to look after the vital energy in your body?

Don’t wait until you are older or sick. Be wise look after your powerful energy now.

  • Learn about your energy points and how they influence your physical, mental and emotional energy.
  • How your energy is infused in your body’s systems and affects all the systems in your body: Digestive System, Circulatory System, Nervous System and Respiratory System.
  • Energetic techniques are the new Health Model. Health improves when your perception of who you are and how your body function catches up with current well proven quantum physics theories.
  • Energy affects your reality.
  • You can Clear your energy daily and feel great!


To assess which of your energy points requires balancing at this moment.
What aspects needs to be rebalanced? Physical, Emotional, Mental or Spiritual?
Learn the different Reiki Hand positions to rebalance, to boost your immune system, to alleviate headaches and pain, to reduce sinuses, to release emotional and mental stress as part of your normal day and many more Reiki positions.

You have the Key to this New Human Model for Health & Well Being in your hands.

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Just two days to start your journey and discover new ways, however very ancient ways to naturally look after your health.

You do not have to lose your vitality as you age or as you experience life.

  • You Have the Key!
  • Imagine being able to tap into your internal energy and power to access wisdom for your health and happiness.
  • Open a new door to a New Reality.
  • It is possible that this will be one of the best things you can do in your life as it opens you up to fully live life.
  • Love to meet you!

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