Well done! you have completed a Reiki course and know how energy works and how to direct it to where you need it.

So what’s next?

  • You want more from your Reiki?
  • You may be asking does it really work?
  • You may not be practicing Reiki as much as you would like. Do you want to know what is happening in your body when you do Reiki?
  • You may have all the Reiki levels and want to enhance your intuitive abilities with Seichem?
  • Or you have completed Seichem, yet you want to expand your energy field where your heart thoughts become your reality for yourself, your family and the world?
  • You want a greater understanding of natural laws of energy, so you can use them wisely, increase your freedom and influence situations around you in a heart centered way.
  • Energy laws and awareness of higher consciousness allows you observe life situations and come above to transcend and allow your intentions become your reality.
  • In all my courses you will receive simple information and awareness around the physiological processes that are taking place while you are working with Reiki. This is unique and comes from working in the science field for 20 years.
  • I have presented Reiki and mindfulness to many medical establishments as a result of these simple principles that allow people understand how Reiki impacts your body.
  • If you have a logical mind you will get your answers to allow you open up new natural ways of using energy as a technique for a healthy, happy, powerful life.

When you do a course, you receive everything that is taught as part of the standard Reiki or Seichem Course, however you will get so much more. You will experience where Science meets Spirit and have knowledge not included in the standard Reiki course. I bring everything I have learned since starting Meditation at age 14 into my courses. I provide practical ways to integrate the principles of energy and the practice of Reiki into all areas of your life.

Some people who have done Reiki and decide to review a Reiki Course or Seichem Course have said that they have never understood Reiki so well until they experienced one of my courses. They feel that this simple understanding of where Science meets Spirit allows them have a greater ability to use Reiki in a deeper profound way and generate greater enthusiasm for more energy.

Have a look at the next level of Reiki or Seichem Course and how you can benefit.

I am one of two people in Ireland who have been trained to pass on Sakara High Vibrational Attunements. After I received the Sakara Attunement and Training from Kathleen Milner USA in 2003 it took me seven years until 2010 to fully integrate the energy and live from that level of energy. By 2010 my energy was ready to pass on these attunements. The Sakara attunements are as passed down from Kathleen Milner, The training is unique and based on the development and learning I received from integrating this powerful energy over those seven years.

  • Energy that you receive must always be used and grounded in this world for it to continue being powerful.
  • After each attunement, your way of living and the choices you make, become clearer, brighter and aligned with you higher heart and divine self.
  • As a result you experience an internal joy of just being alive. The past experiences of being dependant of outside experiences and other people to make you happy disappear.
  • This is a truly amazing experience of life.
  • You can be truly present to life and life experiences and people however you are not dependant on life to provide your happiness.
  • Freedom from within!

You may be saying this is not possible!

It is not possible all the time, however it is possible a lot of the time. And you have a system to notice your resistance to living from your divine self and go beyond your resistance to the natural state of flow that is part of universal energy laws.

I practice and live with these energy principles and Reiki Seichem Sakara practices every day to create happy relationships and to keep moving forward peacefully and powerfully with all my dreams and the desires and dreams of all my students.

  • Overcome what is hindering you and work with me with awareness of divine laws that free you, inspire you and influence you to be your brightest and best at all you do and are.
  • Imagine being able to bring this energy into your family to relate energetically, so you can love and respect each other as you all grow and develop.
  • Imagine connecting with all your desires through the source of energy and life becoming more peaceful and easier to achieve than ever before.

You will experience a super Reiki or Seichem or Sakara Course and tap into your powerful energy at a whole new level.

We are here to grow and experience happiness.

I would love to meet you on your journey in accessing your highest Human Potential.

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